Regional Municipality of Halton: Electronic Logbooks – Improving Decision Making

The Regional Municipality of Halton has been using e.RIS for a number of years to assist with compliance reporting, data entry and process reporting. By using e.RIS Halton has moved to an almost paperless organization in these areas. One key area remains – operational logbooks. Working with the e.RIS team and in consultation with other municipalities, Halton lead the design effort of a new electronic logbook in e.RIS that would not only meet their requirements of the paper logbook, but exceed them.

By using e.RIS, Halton is able to create highly accessible and searchable electronic logbooks that improve the quality of the entries made by the operations team. To provide greater context, logbook entries can be enhanced with attachments such as photos, videos and audio files. By using electronic logbooks, Halton turned a simple historical compliance tool into an operational decision-making tool available at their fingertips.

Using e.RIS electronic logbooks allows Halton to use this information alongside various other data sets that e.RIS accesses; including data that is manually entered, captured in their laboratory information management system (LIMS), SCADA historians, or from other external sources such as energy and environmental systems. All of this information is then easily managed, analyzed and visualized using e.RIS.