City of Saginaw: Creating a Link from Assets to Capital Plans

Implementing a single Enterprise Asset Management system can be difficult. Often groups in the organization have legitimate reasons to keep their own systems, and finding a solution that meets everyone’s requirements equally well is nearly impossible. The City of Saginaw recognized this reality, yet this did not remove the state’s permit mandate to implement an asset management plan.

Instead of trying to implement a single asset management system, the City decided to do more with their existing systems and leave the enterprise integration of asset data to e.RIS. Working collaboratively, the City and Eramosa are developing a robust Asset Management Tool in e.RIS that provides a single access point to asset data stored in several assets systems and their geographic information system (GIS). The data from the source systems is then enhanced using calculations and analysis tools in e.RIS. The most appropriate assets can then be selected for repair or replacement using City developed algorithms coded into e.RIS and grouped into projects and capital plans for action and approval.

The result will be a single source of valuable asset information leveraged from existing sources and enhanced through powerful tools in e.RIS.