City of Red Deer : Data Driven Decision Making

The City of Red Deer water treatment plant operations team has used e.RIS as their process reporting and data visualization tool for a number of years. Recently, they expanded their use of e.RIS to include several additional features. The plant laboratory team was storing and analyzing results observed in the laboratory using pen and paper. Now they use e.RIS manual data entry forms and calculations to record and store laboratory results. With this shift in the data collection and storage of laboratory data, plant maintenance staff are now able to utilize the laboratory results in new and innovative ways. The maintenance staff are able to create reports that compare SCADA historian data with laboratory results and flag any differences between the two readings. When differences reach predefined thresholds, maintenance staff know that plant analyzers need to be calibrated.

By using e.RIS, the City of Red Deer maintenance staff were able to shift their calibration schedule from a simple time-based method to a data driven calibration schedule. This change resulted in costs savings by reducing unneeded calibrations, made identification of less reliable analyzers easier, and moved the organization more towards knowledge-based, data driven decision making.

The water quality data collected by the laboratory was originally only going to be used for operational compliance but because the data was so easily accessible in e.RIS, the maintenance staff was able to find additional benefits by visualizing both laboratory and SCADA data in a single location. Through e.RIS, the City of Red Deer’s water treatment plant maintenance staff continue to meet the strict quality of service requirements demanded of them while continuously improving their operations through the availability of more accessible data.