City of Hamilton: ISA 18.2 – Alarm Management KPIs

Following a review of the City’s alarms within their SCADA system the City determined that having the ability to assess their SCADA system alarms using the ISA 18.2 – Alarm Management KPIs would improve their operational efficiency.

By using e.RIS, Hamilton is able to setup the ISA 18.2 – Alarm Management KPIs on their e.RIS dashboards. This allows the operation and management teams to quickly assess the condition of their control system and gives them visibility on the number of alarms in SCADA including KPIs such as the number of alarms per 10-minute period, bad actors and alarm flood conditions. Through the increased visibility the City can easily tackle cleaning up their nuisance alarms thus improving the overall operability of the system.

The City now has greater visibility into the alarms originating from their SCADA system and can review process setpoints, issue work orders to address equipment and instrumentation creating nuisance alarms, and has obtained a much greater understanding of their control system, all from implementing e.RIS.,-management-of-alarm-systems-for-the-process-industries/46962374