Bringing Accessible AI to the Water World

Press Release – July 8, 2020

Three cutting-edge water technology firms, Westin Technology Solutions, Eramosa Engineering, and Pani Energy, are launching an exciting new partnership that will bring the Digital Operator Coach™, an artificial intelligence tool for the water industry, to utilities across North America. Joining Westin and Eramosa’s years of experience in smart data for utilities and Pani’s ground-breaking AI research & development makes implementing the Digital Operator Coach™ an essential for the modern utility. In today’s rapidly shifting world, safe, efficient, and digital water treatment is essential. With social distancing requirements, increased remote work, and growing water quality and safety standards, a tool that makes operators’ jobs easier is more relevant and beneficial than ever.

The Digital Operator Coach is a SAAS solution for desalination and wastewater treatment optimization that tackles water scarcity and global emissions. The Coach helps operators make the right decisions at the right time. The result is reduced energy consumption, chemical costs, plant downtime, and equipment wear across entire plants. By combining the Digital Operator Coach with eRIS Data Hub, plants can reach their optimal performance with increased essential infrastructure resilience and peak plant function chemically, environmental, and equipment-wise.

Pani, Westin, and Eramosa are aiming to pilot this exciting new solution in ten pioneering North American Municipal Wastewater facilities with a funded six-month implementation. This will carve the path for other utilities and raise awareness of the benefits of this digital tool.

Westin Technology Solutions

Westin Technology Solutions was founded in 1981 to assist utilities in addressing the unique challenge of automating their facilities and ensuring their control systems are both functional and effective. Since our genesis, we have gained international recognition by partnering with utilities to align their systems with their business strategies, planning and executing technical programs, and implementing and maximizing control systems. Westin Technology Solutions has successfully met the unique needs of organizations both large and small; we have assisted clients in some of the largest and most innovative system design, development, and implementation projects in the industry. Our staff includes former utility employees who know firsthand the effective and efficient use of comprehensive systems in daily operations. Westin commits to understand our customer’s uncertainties; using our expertise to leverage technology for improvements in affordability, resilience, sustainability and other critical challenges of tomorrow’s utility.


Eramosa is a consulting engineering firm in North America providing control system engineering, SCADA, automation, OT/IT technology solutions to help operations teams operate more effectively. Founded in 1998 Eramosa has been providing water/wastewater sector and renewable energy clients leading edge technology solutions to help align our client’s operations with their business drivers and to bridge the gap between the plant floor and the corporate environment. Eramosa provides SCADA and IT/OT master planning services to assist our clients in creating alignment within their organization around technology implementation. Our team works not only with leading water utilities and renewable energy companies, we also partner with many of the forward-thinking consulting firms across North America to provide integrated smart water solutions to our clients.

Pani Energy

Pani Energy was founded with the spirit of research within the halls of the University of Victoria’s Engineering and Chemistry department. Pani Energy’s founder Devesh brought two passionate research groups together to innovate and develop interdisciplinary technologies that would enable a significant reduction in the cost of producing fresh water from non-fresh sources. Pani Energy was founded and spun-out with the backing of years of research, alongside Dr. Ian Maconald and Dr. Tom Fyles, who sprinted towards bringing these technologies from the academic world to commercialization. Since these early days, intellectual curiosity has remained embodied in Pani Energy’s ethos. Pursuing this early passion for R&D has led to the creation of our software and hardware technologies, for both the water and energy industries. Pani continues R&D in the energy and water nexus, with interests in improving efficiencies through software and novel hardware system designs in desalination and large-scale energy storage, building upon adaptive and intelligent membrane process design and operation.

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