One Machine : Predictive Analytics

When the ball bearings in your machinery have clearance of 4/1000” how would you know if they are starting to fail? What if you could detect a change of 1/1000”? That is what One Machine from Terepac does – it measures the condition of equipment and pushes data to the cloud from instruments throughout a manufacturing facility.

If you can predict when failures will occur you can avoid costly equipment breakdowns which can halt production and lead to missed delivery dates of critical components.

e.RIS connects to data in the cloud and provides data analytics and visualization to help identify potential equipment failures. Being able to predict a failure and take corrective action before a failure occurs can significantly increase equipment and plant uptime.

Using the power of smart instrumentation, IoT applications, cloud hosting and e.RIS to turn your data into actionable information is a powerful combination for any facility that requires the equipment to be in constant operation.