City of Grandville: Simplifying Data Collection

The City’s Clean Water Plant had out outgrown their regulatory reporting tool built on Excel. The complex, interconnected spreadsheets were unstable and the reporting team was concerned that one day they might not be able to produce the plant’s Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) by the state’s mandated deadline.

The plant’s management also wanted to reduce the laboratory and operations staff’s reliance on paper forms while giving their team a tool that could also store the collected data in a secure database. e.RIS was implemented as this solution.

Using e.RIS, the plant’s laboratory staff now use tablets to enter data into e.RIS forms constructed to match paper bench sheets. Operators use tablets to collect data while working throughout the plant, eliminating many data entry issues due to transcription errors or illegible handwriting. Forms are optimized to match physical rounds, and color coded to make data entry easy for operators. Integrated calculations give users immediate feedback needed to optimize plant operations.

e.RIS has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and manage the data needed for regulatory reporting allowing both operators and management additional time for other important activities. Management also has a stable and robust data platform that is now being used to deliver even more insight into the plant’s performance. e.RIS expanded access to the vast amount of data being collected at the plant beyond its use for simply regulatory reporting.