City of Barrie : Digitizing Data Forensics

The City updated their manual processes and paper documents through the implementation of a new SCADA system, historical data collection and e.RIS as the data management solution.

Significant time savings were realized in preparing regulatory reports, and during regulatory inspections, after installation of e.RIS. Data anomalies are now detected in a timely manner, thus saving time required to backfill data several months after an event.

By using e.RIS as the data management tool in place of the manual method of collecting and reviewing data, the City saved 60-70% of the time previously used during regulatory inspections.

The City now has a much greater understanding of the data, where it comes from and why it matters. The implementation of e.RIS has also resulted in a higher level of engagement by the entire team, better data analysis, visualization and reporting, providing the team with greater insight into their overall operation.