You no longer have to analyze your data within the limited silos of individual systems

Free your data from its source and analyze it in a greater context

Enable better decision making

Often data from different areas of your enterprise are handled within their own application. Now data from different systems can be easily analyzed and visualized as a single holistic data set.

All this is done without copying your data or implementing a complex and expensive centralized data warehouse – welcome to e.RIS.


In the onslaught of data an organization produces daily, finding and using essential information is a challenge. e.RIS revolutionizes this process. It allows all your data to be accessed from the same place in live time by your whole organization. With information and report creation at your fingertips, your team can make decisions that optimize processes and meet compliance requirements.

e.RIS is an intuitive user experience with tools including:

  • The e.RIS Mobile app allows you to increase productivity by extending the reach of e.RIS everywhere users need to go and everywhere a computer cannot.
  • Electronic Logbooks replace messy, unreliable paper with secure electronic records that are easily readable, searchable, and archivable.
  • e.RIS Dashboards give an overview of your entire system in a glance.
  • Powerful Analytics are built in, giving you new and valuable ways to view and interpret your data.
  • Straightforward Report Building allows for uncomplicated scheduling and distribution of data.
  • Fully customizable, there is an e.RIS solution that matches your needs, abilities, and budget.


Each of our integrators combine client familiarity and specific domain expertise to plan and implement an ideal e.RIS solution.

e.RIS integrators are essential members of our clients’ teams. In the same way our clients rely on integrators, we rely on them to help us understand where data management is needed and what level of hands-on training and services will be necessary to implement e.RIS in each unique organization.

To help our integrators succeed, we provide individualized training and support to help ensure a successful and seamless collaboration.

To find an integrator near you, please contact us today.

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About Us

We are passionate about data and even more passionate about our Partners. We know that accessing data from anywhere within your organization and making it visible to the right people at the right time just makes sense. That’s why we built a highly skilled and dedicated team to handle every aspect of designing, building and supporting e.RIS.

Collaboration is the key to what we do. We listen and work alongside our partners at every step of the process – from design, to installation, to ongoing support. We want your organization to work smarter and perform better than ever before and make your ideas a reality.

Success Stories

London Health Sciences Centre : Energy Management

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) updated their manual data collection, paper documents and reporting processes through the implementation of e.RIS as the data management and visualization solution for their power plant and energy systems. Through the utilization of e.RIS, LHSC has restored data integrity, through the elimination of previous manual, error prone tasks and the integration of multiple previously disparate data sources.

By using e.RIS as the data management tool in place of the manual method of collecting and reviewing data, LHSC reduced the time previously required for collecting, collating and reviewing the power plant and energy data by 20% – 30%, resulting in an approximate cost savings of $40,000 per year.

LHSC has met their primary goal of re-establishing data integrity, as well as their secondary goal of automating manual data processing and using a single solution to visualize data from numerous disparate systems, all resulting in significant financial savings. LHSC now has an improved method of reporting to both internal and external stakeholders and are currently working on the next phase of the project – the development of e.RIS dashboards, calculations and turbine efficiencies for real-time use with power plant operational decisions. This will allow LHSC to be able to make better operational decisions on when and how to run equipment in relation to the current market price of gas and electricity.

City of Saginaw: Creating a Link from Assets to Capital Plans

Implementing a single Enterprise Asset Management system can be difficult. Often groups in the organization have legitimate reasons to keep their own systems, and finding a solution that meets everyone’s requirements equally well is nearly impossible. The City of Saginaw recognized this reality, yet this did not remove the state’s permit mandate to implement an asset management plan.

Instead of trying to implement a single asset management system, the City decided to do more with their existing systems and leave the enterprise integration of asset data to e.RIS. Working collaboratively, the City and Eramosa are developing a robust Asset Management Tool in e.RIS that provides a single access point to asset data stored in several assets systems and their geographic information system (GIS). The data from the source systems is then enhanced using calculations and analysis tools in e.RIS. The most appropriate assets can then selected for repair or replacement using City developed algorithms coded into e.RIS and grouped into projects and capital plans for action and approval.

The result will be a single source of valuable asset information leveraged from existing sources and enhanced through powerful tools in e.RIS.

One Machine : Predictive Analytics

When the ball bearings in your machinery have clearance of 4/1000” how would you know if they are starting to fail? What if you could detect a change of 1/1000”? That is what One Machine from Terepac does – it measures the condition of equipment and pushes data to the cloud from instruments throughout a manufacturing facility.

If you can predict when failures will occur you can avoid costly equipment breakdowns which can halt production and lead to missed delivery dates of critical components.

e.RIS connects to data in the cloud and provides data analytics and visualization to help identify potential equipment failures. Being able to predict a failure and take corrective action before a failure occurs can significantly increase equipment and plant uptime.

Using the power of smart instrumentation, IoT applications, cloud hosting and e.RIS to turn your data into actionable information is a powerful combination for any facility that requires the equipment to be in constant operation.

City of Grandville: Simplifying Data Collection

The City’s Clean Water Plant had out outgrown their regulatory reporting tool built on Excel. The complex, interconnected spreadsheets were unstable and the reporting team was concerned that one day they might not be able to produce the plant’s Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) by the state’s mandated deadline.

The plant’s management also wanted to reduce the laboratory and operations staff’s reliance on paper forms while giving their team a tool that could also store the collected data in a secure database. e.RIS was implemented as this solution.

Using e.RIS, the plant’s laboratory staff now use tablets to enter data into e.RIS forms constructed to match paper bench sheets. Operators use tablets to collect data while working throughout the plant, eliminating many data entry issues due to transcription errors or illegible handwriting. Forms are optimized to match physical rounds, and color coded to make data entry easy for operators. Integrated calculations give users immediate feedback needed to optimize plant operations.

e.RIS has significantly reduced the time needed to collect and manage the data needed for regulatory reporting allowing both operators and management additional time for other important activities. Management also has a stable and robust data platform that is now being used to deliver even more insight into the plant’s performance. e.RIS expanded access to the vast amount of data being collected at the plant beyond its use for simply regulatory reporting.

City of Barrie : Digitizing Data Forensics

The City updated their manual processes and paper documents through the implementation of a new SCADA system, historical data collection and e.RIS as the data management solution.

Significant time savings were realized in preparing regulatory reports, and during regulatory inspections, after installation of e.RIS. Data anomalies are now detected in a timely manner, thus saving time required to backfill data several months after an event.

By using e.RIS as the data management tool in place of the manual method of collecting and reviewing data, the City saved 60-70% of the time previously used during regulatory inspections.

The City now has a much greater understanding of the data, where it comes from and why it matters. The implementation of e.RIS has also resulted in a higher level of engagement by the entire team, better data analysis, visualization and reporting, providing the team with greater insight into their overall operation.